Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Hunger Games By Any Other Cover...

I was bored today, so I started looking up different covers for The Hunger Games, just cause I'm so excited for the movie. And let me say, there are some pretty interesting ones out there. Check out these ones!

In German:

I like this one, especially how the girl's eyes and the leaves match. Very striking.

In Italian: 

Whoa, this one is creepy! In a good way though. Again, love the eyes-- it looks like there's an explosion going on in them!

In Dutch:               

Hmmm. Not a huge fan of this one-- it doesn't really have the intenseness that the other ones do, but still pretty. 

In Swedish:

This one, well, kinda looks like a cover for a video game, though the coloring is cool. And the girl's expression is weird, sorta like she's feeling sick. Which makes sense I guess, but still...

In Russian:

This cover looks like it focuses mainly on the romance aspect of the book. That'd be great, if it were just a plain old romantic novel, but I feel personally it should show more than that. The book has so much more to offer than a love triangle!

In Chinese:

Oooh, I like this one. It still has the same focus of the mockingjay, but also includes Katniss and Peeta running in the forest. Very awesome. 

In Japanese:

Of course I had to add the Japanese one. Go cartoon characters!

In Serbian:

This one reminds me of the Chinese cover. Again, love how they kept the mockingjay pin, and also how they have the shadows of the tributes underneath it. Very appropriate.

In Romanian:

Super bright and flashy cover. I don't think it goes along with the book very well, but who knows? It's probably really popular in Romania.

Similar Versions: these ones are basically the same as the cover we know and love, just a tad different.




Well, there you go. A totally random post, but I think it's cool to see other countries' view of this beloved book. What one is your favorite?


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  1. Great post! I think I still prefer the one we have here in North America...although the German one would have to be my favourite of the foreign covers! Really cool!